Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China
(City of Life)
Discover China's most cosmopolitan city, and visit one of the tailor
shops for which the city is famous. Dance at a night club in the
popular Lan Kwai Fong district, explorer a quaint traditional fishing
village, hike in a beautiful lush jungle to a mountain top that
features a gigantic bronze Buddha, and see the unique and interesting
Bird Market.
(Episode #206)

Search out the mythical dragons for which China's most cosmopolitan city is
known. Look for the very rare wild pink dolphins of Victoria
Harbor, learn about the ancient tradition of tea, visit the popular
Fish Market where Koi fish are often sold for over $40,000, shop in
the popular Night Market, explore a traditional Chinese apothecary,
and experience the exciting International Dragon Boat Races.
(Episode #207)